Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Dirty Hippies who Cried Wolf!

Once upon a time a Constitutional Republic was taken over by wolves. The shepherds ran to the people and cried out, ''The woves have taken over the republic." The people looked in their closets, checked to see if there was food in the fridge, and turned on the TV... nothing there. "Stop crying wolf! Dirty Hippie sheperds!" so the sheperds went back to digging for real news--and low and behold, things were worse than they had been before! So they ran to the people and painted posters and camped in front of City Halls. "Wolves! The wolves had taken over our schools! The wolves are poisoning our water!" The people turned on Fox News... CNN, some even checked to see what their representatives were saying... nothing there. "Stop crying WOLF, dirty Hippies!" and turned their backs when the cops came and destroyed their camps and beat the shit out of some of them and pepper gassed them and threw them in jail, went into black neighborhoods to terrrify and beat the shit out of anyone they wanted. And those who hadn't given up, found that the Wolves had tapped their phones, were reading everyone's email. building prisons at record rates... and the shepherds came out on the street... a few here, a few there, and the people yawned, and watched TV. "There are no wolves here, Dirty Hippies. The Wolves all wear hijabs and robes and ride camels. We know how to get them when we see them. And they people all began to grow long bushy tails, and what big eyes they all had, looking out to report on their neighbors, and what big teeth they had! And when they were all wolves, no one could see what they had become. And that was the end America.

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