Sunday, May 18, 2014

Revolution: Critical theory and action

This is not discounting the importance of theory--when theory is embodied in the materal reality of our lives, in real relationships between real people.. that kind of action-- what makes change, and in countless possible ways. Whether Street Medics, Food Not Bombs, Occupy Sandy, communal urban farming... whatever the form it takes, making in this world something together that looks a little more like the world we want to live in, Nothing provides richer material for critical thought: compost for the revolutionary imagination, grounded in the tangle of what happens when you take what exists and disasseble, melt down, reforge in the heat of the friction between the possible and it's resistance. Only in action do you see as subject for your theory what never before existed emerging into materail reality.
I mean the action of construction, cooking the revolution! Kneading the dough of material reality by hand, hand in hand--let theory, revolutionary theory be the yeast in the bread... feeding our imaginations into the future.

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