Saturday, May 24, 2014

New eyes, new world

Went to the Monsanto demo... maybe 6 to 800 people there. More than I've seen on the streets in Philly in some time. I didn't take my medic kit, but went with the eyes I would need as a street medic. A little digression here. Couple years ago in Love Park, on a whim, I put a crumpled dollar bill in one of the planting areas. Quite visible. I watched as dozens, many dozens of people passed. Most business peeps on lunch break. No one noticed. Then a presumably homeless man came by... saw it right off, picked it up, went on his way. You see, I thought to myself--we live in different worlds, different perceptual realities. Not metaphor. What those of means, and those of no means--how they see the world--it's not the same world. Live in different worlds. Different realities. So with my Street Medic eyes... I began to see things in a very different way. Bikes through crowds, dogs, people climbing on poles to take photos... potential hazzards. I was taking in this scene in a very different way -- with some overlap. Always hyper conscious of cops. That worked naturally into this--in this case, that there were no signs of problems unless they came about by unexpected incidents. I did run into real ceritfied Street Medics... from my training last weekend, and joined in as a buddy 4-some. No problems. No injuries.... we high-fived at the end. Good outcome! The best! I was sorta bashful, ya know... about taking my med kit, not yet being a full Street Medic... but I feel better about it now. Next time!


  1. I can see you there - I have a perfect picture of your day xxx

  2. Hi Lulu!
    When I think of you, I think of strange bugs in far away places!