Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Raw thoughts, bloody raw... Aesthetic Realism

Really enjoying Ray Brassier's piece in The Speculative Turn. Beautifully clean, clear writing on very difficult subject matter.. at last so it seemed to me. Set off sparks... asserting long brewing thoughts on aesthetic realism (NOT establishment literary 'realism'... which is ANTI-REALISM! Political idealist tyrannical propaganda!)

.. top-a-me head thoughts... Poetry (all literature) is NOT (only) 'about' language. What it is 'about' ... there's the question of interest... (& HOW) .. a question poetry is equipped to explore but not to answer--its refusal is the soul of its aesthetics. The refusal can LOOK like a reduction to language, but the medium (thank you McLuhan, Levi Bryant) is an extension of human powers, subjective & collective (they overlap, are not polar nodes) Thinking of
Benjamin on dialectic... maintaining the contradictions while (appearing to) resolve them... poetry can go all out building on the contradictions (linguistic, logical, philosophical... ) this is aesthetic realism (after WC Williams ... Geo Oppen ...Kaia Sand... Ryan Eckes...Frank Sherlock... ) ... jes... thinkin...

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