Friday, March 18, 2011

The Corporate Person

We can't possibly expect to have a democracy when our model of individuality is itself a tyrany. This idea of the self being One Thing is a delusion of phallic mastery, Father of endless violence and pain. Each of us are--not a unity--but a cacophony of competing voices.
 The Master Voice finds apt models in Mubarak, Putin, Gadaffi... all those who maintain the semblance of unity over the State by terror and intimidation.

No wonder we are losing our public spaces, the forums where citizens take council and decide together, and replacing them -- with what ? "Privatization?" Private to what! To whom? To the only "Person" that exists in a fictional world... the fictive person of the Corporation! Where we cannot acknowledge our own multiplicity, & reduce by force all competing voices within us to 'parts,' to the status of slaves, of things OWNED, we ourselves become parts, owned by the Fictional Corporate Person we have invented.

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