Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Philly Poetry...

...stands counter in many ways to some of the more influential (or publicized) contemporary patterns. CA Conrad, Debrah Morcun, Patric very different modes and styles, embody a new (and urban) surrealism, and for Conrad--a bold assertion of an unapologetic personal voice, that in that personal quality, embraces a different Philly mode: the urban grit of Ryan Eckes, Brandon Holmquest, a spin on the New York School but with Philly neighborhood roots.. with Ish Klein morphing both. More. So much more. A bold independence here... eclectic and personal and very hard to define. I love being here. I don't know whether I fit in... I'm not a part of NPP, or Philly Sound... but even in not fitting in... I feel an intimate kinship. A part of this undefinable movement.

Philly Sound

New Philadelphia Poets

CA Conrad ... and many other Philly poets on Elective Affinites

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