Monday, July 19, 2010

No respite from politics...

"If one adds the 200,000 farmer suicides in India to the 25,000 killed in Bhopal, we are witnessing a massive corporate genocide - the killing of people for super profits. "

A poetry that pretends such things don't exist--or don't matter... to poetry, aesthetics... is a poetry of evil.


  1. Jacob,
    I suspect farmer suicides are prevalent throughout Asia. They occur, too, in S. Korea, and for similar reasons as in India: unadulterated economic despair. It's complicated because some crops are protected (ie., not at the mercy of free trade). But farm plots are small, and some farmers are under constant pressure.

    BTW, what's your contact info? I can't find it on the sidebar.

  2. Not sure why you couldn't find it-- will have to check that out.