Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is it real? The Social Media News Breakthrough?

From Brian Mattix's notes... link at end of quotes
This is pretty lengthy, but I didn't expect to experience what I did today when I woke up this morning. I just wanted to share this crazy experience I definitely didn't plan on happening on a Saturday, and get what I saw and felt off my chest:

Last night, I went to sleep a little earlier than usual, and thanks to the show Real Time with Bill Maher, I found out hundreds of thousands of protesters were planning a protest at 4pm their time, about 6:30am here, so I wanted to be up by at least 8am to see how the situation was going. My normal means for getting a big story like this are the cable nets, especially CNN. I was interested because of the potential story, and I also needed to know so I could post a story for For about 30-45 minutes, it didn't seem like anything was really going on, until I started poking around YouTube and Twitter.

I usually don't go for Twitter, because it really seems trivial, but today it seemed like a good idea to check it out. Within a half-hour it was clear a BIG story was happening, something you wouldn't know if you were watching TV. The first clips I found were the basic clips you see everywhere on TV, large crowds chanting, throwing rocks, etc. But when I found the Twitter topic #IranElection, I was immediately sucked in.

First of all, the updates hitting this page were literally in the hundreds per minute. It was like the AP wire was on September 11 (if you worked in media that day, you'll remember how hectic those bulletins got that morning), but instead of news bulletins, they were a combination of unconfirmed on-the-scene reports, support from people around the world, misinformation and disinformation from the Iranian government. I had never seen anything like it, ever. Not only that, but most posts included links, which allowed video clips and photos to be spread.

It was immediately clear that the CNN story I had copied and pasted from their website was not going to do the story justice.
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And WHY are news media stories 10-12 hours behind what we can find on our own--and if half way intelligent, sort out wheat from chaff--draw conclusions way ahead of the bought and paid for so-called "journalists?"

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