Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran Elections: Why We Must Watch!

Tweeter is virtually the only source consistently reporting from the post election crisis. #iranelection, being the most important channel. Many of the linked images and videos are extremely disturbing... the one posted on Huffington Post of the man dying after being stabbed in the throat.... but we must not turn away. We must not avert our eyes.

The world watching doesn't guarantee there won't be a massive blood letting, but with an internal struggle for power and such a broad based support for the opposition, it will at least make it a more difficult decision--to open fire and unleash a massacre. So far, violence has been sporadic and relatively uncorrdinated, inititated by para-military, not neccesarily under orders from the highest authories.
It's terribly important that we keep watching, and reporting what we see, spreading the word. Some of the scenes are disturbing... watching a man die on the street after being stabbed in the throat... a video later linked on Huffington Post... but we cannot alow ourselves to be one of those faces in the window who pull the shades and turn away while the rapist on the street below has his way.
Reporters have been locked into hotels. Foreign reports have had visas cancelled. Tweeter is virtually the only source of information coming from Iran--our information lifeline. #iranelection is the most active Tweeter channel, with new images and videos. Follow this... spread the word.  It matters.

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