Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Murphy Cat with Fuzzy Ball

Two years old when this was little friend. Who reminds me at every glance what a strange creature I am... that we are...

We need them... these animals, the one's we've domesticated, drawn out of their their habitat to accompany us for no good reason. Not to milk them. Not to eat them... but to look into their eyes and remember what we are... animals gone amuck. What strange creatures we have become. Every night, when I've run through all the anxiety tapes, have scolded myself to exhaustion... it used to be with a dog at my side as well... now, only the cat... but I say... last words before drifting into sleep...

all animals are equal...

... in our dreams


  1. awww such a cutie--very young, yes?

  2. Humans assume they have the right to destroy other animal's habitats etc. Well, I won't get started except to say we are sympatico. Quite a pretty cat here....

  3. I read your comment at Japonisme and found it very thoughtful.

  4. Such a beautiful cat. I have three and could not do without any of them.Isis, Sable and Hagakure say hello to Murphy.