Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Question is, the Blogger said...

From Blah Feme, where are we; where have we come from; where are we going?

What, to be clear about this question, is blogging for? And whom does it address?

I think I am done with the Utopian claims about blogging: we cannot make claims to Blogostan as an ideal space when blogging itself always wants to free itself from the mundane worn out channels of everyday (formal) political discourse and wants also, often, perhaps more often than not, to free itself from most forms of political discoursing altogether. The squelch of blogging, then, its damp insidious superfluity, is a refusal of the utopian altogether. It is resolutely dystopian.

If we are after discourse, or perhaps at the beginning of something we cannot yet grasp, will there be a moment when it becomes clear, when the viral damp dries, the messy upheaval settles and the lines of ordinance become clear? I think, to revisit the logic of the always-already-late, the owl of Minerva only now takes flight in order to hunt!

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