Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year from South Phlly!

(actually, January 1, 2008--a re-post)

The clouds have turned from gray to cotton white. The rain is gone. I can hear the Mummers down the street. Jokers dressed in satins, ribbons and spangles walking past on their way to Broad street.

Ten thousand working stiffs dressed in drag! Diddy dum-dum-dum, Diddy dum-dum-dum, Ohoooo, dem golden slippers!

Do I stay home and work on my novel, or watch the parade?

Ah duty, why hast thou not the visage of a sweetee or a cutie?.

Not that I can't do both. They'll be marching till dark, and then I can go to 2nd Street and see the real revelry.

Nothing like the Mummers. Happy New Year!


the Mummers won...

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  1. Happy New Year to you too. I added your Metaxu comment to my blog, with an answer from my own muse. Thanks for the great comment!