Monday, March 24, 2014

Music of our time(s)

When I was coming of age, radio was segregated and racist. It was also -- music stations -- in the hands and imagination of the DJ's. So the white DJ's starting playing music they'd heard on black radio. And white kids started to dig that sound. And there was the generation of cross musicians, which was the birth of Rock n' Roll. And it changed everything. While it lasted... before the corporations bought the DJ's and choose what to play and what not to play, there was this explosion of incredible music. Where ten years before, it had been, If I'd know you were comin, Ida baked a cake, and How much is that Doggie, in the window?, There was Revolver, and The Mother's of Invention, and the Incredible String Band, and Jimmy Hendrix, and Country Joe and the Fish, and Gracie Slick and Jefferson Airplane, and Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison and the Doors... oh, and Motown, and Percy Sledge singin, When a Man Loves a Woman... Now, to find good music, not preprogramed corporate shit, you go to Indy bars. Still there. People still making real music. Just go live. Turn off the radio. Buy the CD's at The Fire. And tell your friends what you heard. ...though, the segregation seems to back full force. Fuckin world we live in.... I don't know... We go'in backwards faster than we go'in forwards.

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