Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coming out ? From what? To what?

I'm so fortunate to be IN a queer safe space. What could be liberation, for so many--is pure terror, internalized. I've been on a web site for those coming out. Have read hundreds of stories.. so many, so many... the internalized victimization is so sad. I really DON'T like this promoted as a day when people SHOULD come out.. .rather, as a day to celebrate--that it's not a curse, it's a gift! A window to see the hetero-normative patriarchal exploitive world for what it is--an inside/outsider's view, that there's a consciousness 'we'... yeah, ... we.. queers, can create together, not just for our own protection, but for everyone. I was playing pool in the EL BAR tonight... 4 or 5 guys came in. No women. Hipster anti-drag. So obvious. I'm asking myself... why? Why such pains to hide... and this has nothing to do with 'coming out.' I'd guess they've all come out long ago. Like black people dressing white sheets. Jews in Nazi regalia. Why does anyone want to blend in and look like the oppreser? More than fear... it's a real desire to BE that very thing that, bottom line, wants you dead! Let's deal with THAT, and where that comes from, and how all this is connected with other forms of oppresion and exploitation. Like, come out--and join the fucking revolution!

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