Monday, November 5, 2012

Last take on this election

While I can’t imagine that Christie hadn’t given some thought to 2016 when he endorsed Obama—running against an incumbent of the same party would be daunting, no matter how disastrous Romney’s presidency. He did manage to look more presidential than Romney, whatever was on his mind. But I see what may be a glimpse of something more significant, the more so, when you add Bloomberg to the mix. I think if big money really wanted Mitt, really believed in him, he would win… by hook or crook. For the last 4 years the smart money has been stirring the populist pot, counting on ignorance, the near impossibility of the general public getting enough serious information to counter the propaganda and bread & circuses, but the Xian fundies and troglodyte racists, and what they expect from their candidates, doesn’t represent the interests of corporate money anymore than it does their own. Obama is really a much better mesh. What I’m getting at—is I think Big Money has pulled the plug on Mitt. That’s what the rats abandoning ship really means. Give him enough for the Republicans to keep the party viable (Christie setting a new model—offering the appearance of something we’ve come to see as “presidential,” a leader for “all the people.” No matter what a lie that is.) Use the next four years to tamp down the populist lynch mobs they’ve been courting—dangerous for all concerned--and working more traditional modes to continue consolidating power, privatization, the draining of wealth from those who create it. This election, one way or another, has exhausted the crude nakedly predatory and racist efforts… and signals what will at least look like something more sophisticated… and for that, more dangerous for all but the very few.

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