Monday, May 9, 2011

Selling books... versus... ?

Been thinking about selling chapbooks... something that's made me uncomfortable. Ok... if through a publisher, enmeshed by necessity (?) as they are in the capitalist spider web... but for the books I make myself... or those a publisher might give me as part of the deal... a suggested contribution would be quite enough. I have no problem with defining rights of use and exchange. "Ownership" goes well beyond that, straying into metaphysical and psychological black lagoons.

A Patronage support gift... with no minimum... and no maximum amount. The book/ chapbook, will be for those who get one... a Found Thing... not a boughten owned slave... same for those so kind as to have already given me a little something for the books they've received. Also makes it easier to not have to distinguish gifts from sales--as though some people were more special than others.

Fuck Capitalism!

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