Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tripping from lack of sleep and (legal) pharms has its advantages... the perpetual interference, while not disappearing, loses much of its at the core of our fear and despair...and the joy of indifference to both.



  1. Make that road tripping. This is the last winter you have to go through this. Next year, (if you don't get a better offer) I'll pick you up at first frost and we'll go on an extended southern reading tour. Get your book ready.

    Something I've been meaning to ask you about love...can one say?:

    I philia you!

  2. I'd miss all the great Philly poets and winter readings! And New Mexico and Arizona and the Keys seem to be the only places in the Continental U.S. without winter weather lately.
    I should take up winter residence in New Zealand... but its a damn long swim.
    Remember the morning routine in All That Jazz (a movie I really loved)--Roy Schneider with the pills and the eye drops and the... that's me in the morning. Putting the parts back together.. wait... that's leg with the scar..that goes on the left... eyes, where's my eyes?

  3. Strut, strut, strut, strut…

    I saw Ann Reinking getting out of a cab once, wearing a mini-skirt. Her legs were “all that.” Did you know she insures them for millions? She’s no Salma Hayek, but still…

    Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop…

    New Zealand, whole continents away...other side of the Ellipses.