Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Three Part Review of The Speculative Turn

The essays in Speculative Turn offer an antidote to the subversion of serious discourse on the major issues of our time, making a bold case for the relevance of critical philosophy for politics, class, the media, science. Joshua Mostofa's three part review from the magazine, Overland, is itself an important contribution, highlighting major features of what is becoming a new, and newly invigorated branch of philosophy. Read the review, then download the PDF of Speculative Turn--it's free! 

Return of the Real, part One: Enlightened False Consciousness"

Part Two: Keeping em Honest

Part Three: The Speculative Turn

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  1. Love and adore “our” first responders. I thought of you when reading one of Mostafa‘s commenters who wrote: “Just wondering, though, what you see as the prospects for these debates to escape from the academy.”

    Gotta love the use of that word “escape”!!

    I’m hoping slash waiting for someone to write about Reza Negarestani’s contribution. That one made me want to play possum. Especially this sentence:

    "Following Deleuze and Guattari’s lead regarding the intimate relationship between Freud’s account of the death-drive and capitalism, Freud’s theory of thanatropic regression has become a recurrent speculative tool in building a double-faced and hence elusive image of capitalism which despite its adherence to the conservative interests of humans registers itself as a planetary singularity which is at once inevitable and disenchantingly emancipating."

    (Pass the dose of Thanatos, please; I’ll even use a dirty needle.)