Friday, April 9, 2010

What Publishers Really Want...

I've been entering journal entries from 2001 when I first started working on the novel I've begun to re-write. Interesting to revisit my thoughts at the time. Then came across an email from an agent that I'd pasted into the journal--reply to a query for my first novel. 

It's so mindless, so laughably inane--such a perfect example of what publishing is really about.

... nice of her to give me useful advice. Kinda like painting by the numbers... 

Thu. 7 Jun 2001 21:38 EDT
From: ....
To: ...
Subject: RE: Query

Dear Mr. Russell:

While I find you to be a talented writer, the style of writing that is
salable today has dialogue almost solely moving along the plot and the
action, and for revealing the characterization. All this is important
as well as building some degree of excitement and/or suspense immediately.
Since your novel seems largely introspective, I feel I cannot market your
work successfully at this time. Should you decide to rework your 
novel with dialogue carrying the narrative, I'd be pleased to look at it


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