Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Philly Poetry Scene

From the Philadelphia Inquirer, Arts and Entertainment, Sunday April 19

Philly Poetry Scene  offers variety of venues for verse

By John Timpane

Inquirer Staff Writer
San Francisco is famous as a great poetry town. As it should be.

But move over, San Fran: Philadelphia should be as famous for poetry as it is for cheesesteak and Rocky. Philly is a bursting cauldron, a dizzying maelstrom, a chorusing kennel, yea, a mad laser light show of verse.      Continued


  1. Yow! That's quite a bursting cauldron you live in. As for San Francisco -- I don't see how a poet could afford to take up residence there.

  2. Happy Spring, Lily! Sounds beautiful on the Other Coast. Here, the poets are wild, but the earthquakes (yep, we have 'em now and then) ... are pussy cats. Like those funhouse rides for toddlers.

  3. Like Ron Silliman says (who lives in nearby mus chroom country south of the Baltimore Pike) we don't have poetry anymore, we have poetries. All varieties thrive in this climate... seems appropriate... Ya know every tree native to the whole Eastern seaboard with the exception only of the few subtropical species and some of the aborials, will survive and grow in this area. ... which means we have a lot of invasives... there's Kudzu in Northern Liberties... but thank Fred,the winters are still too cold for it to bloom and shed seeds.