Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Day: Three to go

From a house in South Philly which the owner had opened to us as a staging site for our first day GOTV effort, we sent out in three shifts, over 100 volunteers.

I would guess that more than half were from New York--many came to Philly on one of the China Town bus lines and will come back again
They knocked on 3000 doors.

They recruited many new volunteers for election day.

One staging site.

Every door, every contact recorded and entered in the data base in preparation for the final election day push.

Reports were that the McCain campaign was going to target South Philly, sending in volunteers. Our canvassers saw no sign of them.


  1. I saw some McCain canvassers down around 9th and Tasker. They were knocking on and dropping literature on every door they passed; clearly, they have no walk sheets or targeted information. There was a house on the street bedecked with McCain / Palin signs that I think they were using as their base; I couldn't ask the man out front on his lawn chair because he was fast asleep.
    Good luck!

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  3. Yours is the first I've heard...I really have no desire to see the Republican Party disappear, but would certainly like to see a Democratic Party victory of such proportions that the current brand of Repubs will be driven to the fringe for the foreseeable future.