Saturday, August 23, 2008

Books, Corporatacracy, McDonalds

So Barnes and Noble, the McDonalds of the book trade, backs down from absorbing Borders. The Boa with the elephant bump.

See this article on The Millions

I remember when Borders opened its first store in Philly. Relatively new at the expansion forced on any too-successful local business venture. There were vestiges of its Ann Arbor origins--the comfortable sofas and arm chairs, quite places to read in the stacks.

Of course, cost efficiency won out. All that gone. B&N, Borders... physical Amazon. Another Singapore Republic. Corporatacracy eviscerating every vestige of humanity. A plague. A drug we will use and reward the dealer and use and reward and use till we're all used up and the whole deck of cards comes tumbling down.

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