Sunday, July 6, 2008

Politics and Peter Handke

When a situation that is extraordinarily ugly and equally complicated meets an outraged sense of injustice, the need to simplify, to assign clear demarcations of blame and demonize anyone who refuses to applaud the conventional morality play as it passes may be as close as we can come to a collective universal. Even when the conventional view may be more right than wrong, for all it leaves out, the model of action and reaction is disturbing: If you doubt just how disturbing--look at its application in the American action and reaction in the seven years following the attack on the World Trade Center.

For those following the surreal political drama that's been following Peter Hadke and his alleged defense of Milosevic, Steve Mitchelmore has a new post on THIS SPACE
with some interesting comments and links--one by Handke translators, Scott Abbot and Zarko Radakvic

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