Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Salon, November 11

Another week, another with stacks of papers to grade. Tomorrow, student conferences, so will have little time for grading. It piles up at the end of the term.

Let's see--for my brief reading breaks, what can I do for Sunday Salon?

Less than 200 pages in Tree of Smoke, but won't have time to finish that. A Josipovici essay from Singer on the Shore. Have several recent New Yorkers I haven't been able to get to.

For weeks, except for classes, I haven't been out of my room. Email notice from One Story --an open invitation from Sam Allingham to celebrate his first publication. The Abyssinian, an Ethiopian restaurant in West Philly.

Well, I said, to my cat Murphy. There's a bar. Food, inexpensive and good. Why not? Murphy yawned, bored with my company. As good as giving me his permission.

Didn't have much chance to talk with Sam, but good conversations with his friends. The Missouri Raiders. John Brown. Is continental philosophy making a comeback in American universities? I told UofP grad student Peter Schwartz (sp?) he should definitely check out Larval Subjects, and of course, handed out some JRBD fliers. Creating Links in the Real World.

Now for a second cup of coffee. Arm myself to face these Freshman papers...


  1. Forgotten wht I was going to say now!:-)

    My sympathies with the marking. I used to teach creative writing so I know what it's like. End in sight, though I expect...