Thursday, November 5, 2009

Writer's and the Heir of the kid that bites you!

What is it with kids and grandkids of poets and writers (Zukofsky, Joyce... ) and their sad attempts to appropriate the literary remains of dead Dad and Grandpa back into the comfy folds of unmitigated Capitalism? (posted on WET ASPHALT )

It's a wonder he's not claiming perpetual rights to the letter 'A' in caps!

Enough to tempt one to post Zukofsky poetry at length just to see Z send a pack of howling lawyers to confiscate my Staples bargain laptop... not being a very successful Capitalist, probly the most valuable piece of property I own. Let his legal lions split the Ebay re-sale and see if there's enough left for postage to properly notify their outraged client of the results. Those guys must be exhausted chasing down quotes on the web... not hard to find. See the Wikipedia link to 'A' has been deleted. Those suckers like cockroaches--freakin everywhere!  Hey, Kevin, you realize how much trouble you're in?
Whooo hoo, The Old Dog's Copyrighted post # 501! Let my sons see what they can collect from this!

Lookit the comments this garnered on Poetry Foundation!

I suggest we publish every line Zukofsky wrote, all over the web, print broadsides and pass 'em out on the street--but at the same time, set up a non-profit for contributions to support P. Zukofsky in his old age. He was a worthy musician. He deserves it for his own contributions... why should he be snarling like a rabid dog for the pennies he might gather from his old man's work? But hard not to get the sense that his real goal ain't money... but to dig up his old man and castrate his corpse.

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